OSCILLOSCOPES: Maintain the cutting edge

Bandwidth Upgrades | Product Upgrades | Trade-Ins

Even the most skilled craftsman is only as good as his or her tools. So it doesn’t help when these keep changing. Getting better, smarter, and generally able to do more. Take the Tektronix oscilloscope, which continues to evolve with new features and updates. Improvements that can inspire the day-to-day by allowing for:

  • Upgrade bandwidths as signal speeds increase
  • Add enhanced capabilities to support new application standards
  • Work with higher signal fidelity, enhanced measurement accuracy, and lower noise

These are changes that help users keep pace with emerging technologies, and to be fully prepared for the challenges of tomorrow. Easily available, there are various upgrades and trade-in/up options* to select.

Oscilloscope Investment Protection

COMTEST, local representative of Tektronix in SA, is continually looking for opportunities to enhance users’ measurement solutions. For oscilloscopes, that means adding the capabilities that help ensure they remain leaders in all things testing and measuring.

At the same time, it is appreciated that ‘new and improved’ comes with a cost, which is why a range of trade-in and upgrade options has been created. With them comes the opportunity to make the most of the equipment investments already made in Tektronix equipment – while gaining access to new capabilities in the easiest and most cost-effective way possible.


1. Oscilloscope Bandwidth Upgrades


  • Upgrade any DPO/DSA/MSO70000 C or DX series oscilloscope to any available higher bandwidth model within that series 


 Increase performance as you move to newer technologies

2. Oscilloscope Product Upgrades WHAT?

  • Upgrade any DPO/DSA/MSO70000/B/C model to a 70000C, DX or SX model 
  • Retains original serial number 
  • Service contract and options on original instrument carries forward to converted unit 


  • Get the latest capability at a fraction of the price of a new instrument
  • Take advantage of extended warranty options on converted model

3. Trade-up/Trade-in Programs

  • Exchange an older instrument for a brand new model
  • Receive a substantial credit for the value of an existing instrument 


  • Take advantage of increased long term support for new model 
  • Enjoy the benefits of extended warranty options that come with a new scope

Contact COMTEST for more on the Tektronix OSCILLOSCOPES Bandwidth Upgrades | Product Upgrades | Trade-Ins, on 010 595 1821 or*TERMS AND CONDITONS APPLY