Legrand has introduced a new range of plugs to the local market, that not only meets the latest electrical standards, but also has advanced features, enhanced aesthetics, user convenience and offers simple installation.

Legrand’s newly-designed plugs – available in two standards (old and new South African) with white or magnesium finishes – have a modern, sleek look and are suitable for all electrical appliances.

The new Legrand 2P and E 164-1 and 2P and E 164-2 plugs feature a solid brass pin with an insulated sleeve. The assembly plug accommodates a 1,5 mm cable with a screw terminal for fast connection. Technical specifications of these plugs are 16 A/250V AC, with a maximum power of 4 000 W.

According to Legrand, the 164-2 plug will become essential in every household, as the new legislation of the wiring code states that all socket outlet points for new electrical installations shall include at least one socket-outlet complying with the SANS 164-2 and this may be combined with other types of socket-outlets.

Through the ongoing launch of advanced electrical and digital technologies, Legrand ensures the local market has access to the latest products. The company offers a technical advisory and support service throughout the country.